Stevenson Auto Lifetime Warranty

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What Can Our Warranty Do For You?

Vehicle warranties sometimes get a bad wrap for no particular reason. When you're hunting for a warranty that offers real value to your new car in Jacksonville or Wilmington, NC, come to Stevenson Auto Group. Our Real Lifetime Limited Warranty is better than all of the others you've heard of because it meets our OEM's high standards.

Real Peace of Mind for Real Drivers

We want to provide our local Onslow County drivers with a warranty that they can depend on when the going gets tough. Need a warranty that can handle when your internal parts begin to struggle? We've got that. What about when the transmission starts having issues? You're covered.

Have Questions? Talk With The Team

Let our service professionals worry about the fixes – you've got plenty on your plate already! If you have questions about the other benefits that accompany our warranty, feel free to talk to one of our professionals. We can walk you through the ins and outs of this exclusive deal, after all, it is our warranty! Contact our professionals when you have questions so that you can be sure to get the best use out of your warranty. Many people believe that warranties are useless only because they do not understand the true benefit of them. You should consider buying a warranty if you know that you plan on keeping your vehicle for an extended period of time, drive your car often, or will knowingly need lots of maintenance in the future (depending on the model). Let our automotive professionals help you keep your transport in like-new condition – it'll make it easier to trade-in or sell later!

  • You get our Real Lifetime Warranty.
  • Engine, Cylinder Block, Internal Parts, Transmission, Drive System, Transaxle – all covered at no extra cost!
  • No extra maintenance required.
  • Your warranty is valid at any certified repair facility in the USA and Canada.

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