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The iconic new Acura lineup speaks for itself. Whether you're looking at the Acura NSX, a sport hybrid vehicle delivering super handling and instant acceleration, or the practical 2018 Acura TLX, Acura has something for you. Every Acura vehicle form meets function with a multi-material body construction that is both rigid and stylish. The sculpted exteriors of Acura vehicles speak for themselves. Take the NSX, which includes ten functional air intakes for total airflow management – ingenuity lives here. When you're ready to drive home in a new Acura vehicle that offers sleek body lines and advanced performance with luxurious interiors, contact Stevenson Auto Group.

Worldly Craftsmanship

The Acura brand combines cutting-edge technologies with ground-breaking construction techniques to deliver a new level of craftsmanship in every vehicle it creates. Every engine takes the welder hours to assemble. Buying a new Acura is saying "yes" to innovation. Acura can create luxurious sedans, crossovers, and SUVs in the following way:

Paint Process

A combination of robotic and manual application achieves the finish you expect. Each exterior panel is painted separately to obtain a jewel-like finish.


A master technician hand starts every bolt on your Acura then it is finished by a robot.

Quality Control

Every Acura model is tested, dyno tested and broken in before it leaves the factory to ensure quality assurance and complete accuracy.

Hand Built Performance

Every Acura cockpit is designed to support its driver at every turn. In this richly supportive domain, principal surfaces are padded to help knees and elbows during extreme maneuvers.

Communicative Control

Every Acura model's pedal feel, wheel grasp, and braking create a tangible connection between man and machine. Acura's preservation of world-class acoustics and unobstructed views makes every drive unique; it's almost like they planned it that way.

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When you're driving a sports car, you will enjoy a rigid frame with a dynamic performance. Complex engineering is required to develop ultimate rigidity while still maintaining a fun ride. Vehicles like the 2018 Acura ILX achieve a delicate balance with a lightweight suspension and steering systems on a multi-material, durable frame. The time for high-performance commutes is now! Schedule a test drive at either one of our dealerships and enjoy the new Acura lineup in Jacksonville & Wilmington, NC.

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